Your 24x7 AI Analyst Copilot

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Bicycle's AI analyzes your operational data 24/7, provides insights on revenue-critical issues and opportunities — and recommends fast, precise action.

Lots of data, lots of dashboards, but not enough insights?

Manual monitoring and data interpretation delay insights, inflate costs, and delay responses to real-time issues.

Meet Bicycle, Your 24x7 AI Analyst Copilot

Turning your data into insights and those insights into action so your team never misses an issue or an opportunity.

Share and provision Copilots

Data teams provision and share Copilots for specific use cases, ensuring each team benefits from highly relevant insights that they can subscribe to.
“With over 35,000 restaurant locations leveraging the UrbanPiper software and processing millions of orders every week, Bicycle has been pivotal in our approach to data-driven decision-making.”

Saurabh Gupta

Co-Founder/CEO, UrbanPiper

“Our supply chain and logistics technology relies on real-time data from a variety of sources. Bicycle supplements our data science efforts by providing proactive, event-driven insights to help deliver a superior customer experience.” 

Blair Koch

Chief Digital Officer, ACERTUS

Creating value for highly focused business leaders

Protect Revenue

Bicycle uncovers difficult-to-find revenue leakage in your business. It identifies root causes and alerts the right stakeholders to take action.

Improve customer experience

Bicycle monitors the entire customer experience. It assembles disparate information into a full story so CX leaders can drive continuous improvement.

Ensure Operational Excellence

By adding business context, Bicycle takes application and software monitoring to the next level. It identifies how much the business is impacted, which customers are impacted, and why.

Drive growth

By identifying underlying patterns in your business such as fast-growing customer segments or spikes in demand for product lines, Bicycle empowers you to yield up.

Case Studies

Case Study: Urban Piper

As a restaurant management software provider for in-store ordering and aggregators such UBEREATS, UrbanPiper counts on Bicycle to find anomalies in the process and stop revenue leakages at speed.

Case Study: Big Basket

As India’s largest online food and grocery store delivering 18,000+ product lines to customers across the country, uses Bicycle to provide proactive, event-driven insights that continuously improve its customer experience.

Case Study: Acertus

As the only automotive logistics platform to move, store, recondition, title and register finished vehicles, ACERTUS profits from operational excellence and uses Bicycle to bring the critical business context to its operational monitoring.

Equipping data leaders to power the business

Extract value from your data investments

Bicycle works on top of your existing data stack — no need to re-architect anything. It generates insights and recommends action on operational revenue issues and opportunities.

Enable self service with your
AI co-pilot

Bicycle routes its insights to the right people, code or systems, ensuring action happens quickly. It frees data teams to focus on the strategic work that powers the business forward.

Implement LLM and AutoML capabilities without code

Bicycle is a SaaS solution that plugs into your data pipeline. It gives you your instant advanced AI capability without the need to build models yourself.

Move faster with easy integrations

Bicycle integrates quickly and richly with your current data tools. Set it up and get revenue-critical insights, fast.

Bicycle in Action

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